Friday, June 25, 2010

the details

I can't help but wonder
at the beauty of this life
The complexity of design
and the care and love
drawn into every single cell
of every single being
And I try and find the
beauty in the ugly
The so-called undesirables
and the just-not-quite-rights
But there is something
majestic in just living,
breathing, laughing, loving
The smile on a face
The feeling of a wet raindrop
or the sound of resounding thunder
The heat from a flame
or a shiver down the spine
The beauty is in the details
The mysterious, miraculous,
impossibly designed
details of our lives

I wrote this tonight, reflecting on my life over the past few weeks, and also just thinking about how beautiful this world is that God created. Every little detail of every living creature is beautifully and mysteriously designed, and I am grateful for the complexity of the human life, despite the challenges that come with living it!

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