Friday, January 7, 2011

you see me

When Hagar ran away from Sarai, after becoming pregnant with Abram's child, the angel of the Lord appeared to her in the desert, and she said to God, who spoke to her (Genesis 16:13), "You are the God who sees me."

I see this written in the Bible and feel she meant this much more than literally. God was seeing her fear (of her mistress, what will happen to her unborn child), her uncertainty for the future, her frustrations, and he communicated to Hagar that, yes, today she will struggle and face hardship, but your son will be the first of many descendants, and there is hope for the future. God saw her and spoke to her need, because he knew her, as he knows us, and everyone on this world, that was and is, and is to come.

You are the God who sees me
Sees me crying in the darkest night
And tears of desperate emotions falling
fast, fast, and faster
You are the God who sees me
Awkward and alone, tongue twisted and tied
And unsure, afraid, words fading
drifting and drifting away
You are the God who sees me
When joy blankets me
And I smile, radiantly
happier and happier
You are the God who sees me
The God who knows me
In every emotion
In every situation
In every minute
Of every hour
Of every day
You are the God who created me
The God who loves me, unfailing
The God who made me
Exactly as I was meant to be

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