Sunday, January 22, 2012


My eyes are tight, closed, and I breathe, a gulp of air engaging in my chest
Hands touch, and lock, grasped with mine
And I fall
I dive
I lay
I die
I am buried, immersed
A wave of forever love
Eternal forgiveness
Washes me clean, wringing me out
He is in my pores, clothing me and filling me like a sponge
I am me, and He has me
He covers me with all of Him
The surface barrier is broken
The bridge formed, built, crossed
The sweet air fills me
I live, He lives, in me
All of me, laid bare before him, alive again

Prayers, many, years and questions
Answered finally today
His kingdom grew by 13, then 22
Dear friends, family, young, old, lost and seeking
Dying and rising in the water
Immersed in love and rising in grace
We watched and our tears shed pure joy
How great is our God and his works, his ways
What will He do next, and how will we play our part?
What's the next line in His love story for our small city corner?
God, we thank you, we are imperfect, but you rescue us daily
We die for you daily
They die for you daily
New and old, reborn together to live as Jesus
Wearing his name as our way of life
Our way of love
Our way, Your way, His way

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