Thursday, June 16, 2011

need to breathe

I feel like I'm out of breathe, always busy, constantly going, never having my time to spend with my God, and it's awful, because he's done so much for me, and I continue to make excuses, or exhaust myself, taking on too much, and I think, tomorrow, tomorrow I'll get up early and open my Bible, and he'll be there, and then tomorrow comes and goes, and then another tomorrow, and many tomorrows and I'm forgetting, and I feel deep hurts, anxieties, fears, come creeping back, because I'm not trusting, I'm leading my life, not Jesus, and then little pockets of beautiful come in and remind me, he's there, he's pulling me back, tying this heart of mine to his in knots that can't be undone, never will be broken, no matter what I do or how far away I travel, no matter what hedges I put up around me, Jesus, God, Spirit, he is in me, always, always, always.

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