Wednesday, October 12, 2011

small joys

I have a quote on my wall at work that says something like, happiness lies in extracting joy from common things. For me, I feel as this is one of the mottos of my existence. I strive to find positivity in all I do, all I see, even things that seem overtly negative.

I dislike pessimism, cynicism, and hate when I find these traits creeping into my life. Lately, I've felt the presence of these two evils. But today I feel refreshed, feel God widening my eyes to the joys in the common things around me.

Laughter and silliness in games and students I love
Good, positive, productive conversations with new clients
Family that supports me and always make me smile
So many good friends that do nothing out of the ordinary, but just be themselves, and that is truly great

These common things, every day and "nothing special" is where I find my happiness today. God, I thank you for these blessings in my life!

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